general info!!

hihi if it wasn't already obvious my name is Tarmo.
16, he/him, 4w5 sp/sx 469 INTP melancholy dominant rLUAI..
I sometimes struggle with the context of situations and
misunderstandings are very likely so if you ever end up
talking to me I apologize for it in advance!!


currently I'm mainly into anything hide related (esp. seth et holth,,),
80's and 90's vkei/jrock scene and the yakuza games.
I love talking about my interests but my memory is just so patchy
that some things I say might not make any sense and might be
wrong even though I would of course like to know everything
about them perfectly... I also enjoy music in general, anything
cat related, antiques, thrifting, museums, cyber stuff,
creating art, aliens, j-fashion, junji ito works, visual kei,
sugar sugar rune, litchi hikari club and much more, but I'm not
as insane about them as the first three :3

bands/artists I (sometimes) listen to

hide, hide with spread beaver, zilch, x-japan, buck-tick, judy and mary, shazna, dead end, zi:kill, up-beat, deadman, barbee boys, bakufu slump, by-sexual, luna sea, d'erlanger, seikima-II, agoaniki-p, agobot, jitterin' jinn, princess princess, personz, cobra, soft ballet, sukekiyo, plastic tree, dir en grey, raphael, baiser and a lot more there are too many..
(on usual days I just listen to hide's music thats it but on special occasions I might listen to the others too...)

about this site

I started making this for no actual reason I was just really bored. I have absolutely no previous experience in coding and have had to google pretty much every detail on here a million times to get it to even kinda work.... it is currently still a wip and probably going to be in a constant state of development as I (hopefully..) get better at coding and come up with new stuff to add (the updates are just going to slow down a lot once I finish the basic stuff). one thing I'm sorry for is that the layout most likely only works well with my own screen size and there might be problems with it for other screen sizes. in some cases you should be able to fix the problem by zooming in/out. I'm not focusing on how good this site looks and instead trying to have fun with working on it and learn new things so if you don't like how it looks... it isn't really my problem!!

you can also find me on: